Heating pad lawsuits under review by The Recall Lawyers

Heating pads sold under the Sunbeam and Kaz brand names are under scrutiny again due to consumers suffering burn injuries.

The lawyers at Jones Ward PLC are currently reviewing injury cases involving heating pads, which in some cases may not adequately warn about the dangers of burn injuries if the pads are used a certain way. Kaz USA, Inc. and Kaz, Inc., both part of a larger company called Helen of Troy, Ltd., recently settled a class action lawsuit in California for claims of false advertising and personal injury. The settlement was valued at up to $2.7 million, but it covered California residents only.

Heating Pad Warnings

Heating pads come in a variety of sizes and brand names, and the packaging may vary. Some companies have updated their warnings in recent years. If you are a heating pad user, make sure the box carries a warning about the dangers of falling asleep on the pad, lying on the pad, using it for a specific amount of time, and other potential hazards.

The lawyers at Jones Ward PLC are committed to making consumer products safer for all Americans. If you have been injured by a defective heating pad made by Sunbeam or Kaz or another company, contact Attorney Alex Davis at 502-882-6000 or send an email to alex@jonesward.com.