Find out if your bank is charging unreasonable and unfair fees

Banks across the nation, from Wells Fargo to Chase and Bank of America to Fifth Third, are facing legal action due to excessive interest rates, unfair and deceptive fees, and fraudulent overdraft protection programs.
The attorneys at Jones Ward PLC represent numerous people in lawsuits against banks and other lenders. In May, attorneys Jasper Ward and Alex Davis filed a class action lawsuit against Fifth Third Bank over the company’s Early Access program, which charges customers excessive interest rates in exchange for advance loans on their paychecks.
Unfortunately, some Early Access users end up paying interest rates of 300 percent, 500 percent, or even more than 1,000 percent because the loans are usually paid back within just a few days. Jones Ward PLC also represents Fifth Third customers in a similar class action lawsuit in Tennessee.
Another suit filed last fall by the attorneys at Jones Ward PLC alleges that Higher One and its business partners took advantage of thousands of Kentucky college students with deceptive business tactics and unreasonable fees. Higher One processes student loans for thousands of Kentucky college students, including those at the University of Louisville and Eastern Kentucky University. The lawsuit described how the company forces students to “opt out” of opening an account with the company in order to receive their student loan money. Once the students have opened an account, Higher One then charges a variety of fees for everyday transactions such as using an ATM machine, or making routine debit card purchases at stores.
If you believe that you may have been the victim of unfair banking practices, contact Attorneys Jasper Ward or Alex Davis or send an email to