Biomet hip implant lawsuits approach 500 in federal court

Lawsuits involving defective Biomet hip implants have now been filed on behalf of roughly 500 injured plaintiffs across the country. The vast majority of those cases have been consolidated in federal court in South Bend, Indiana, where a judge is supervising the cases as part of Multi-District Litigation 2391.
Lawsuits like these are often merged together in a single court for the limited purpose of pre-trial discovery, or exchanging evidence between the parties. In the Biomet hip implant litigation, lawyers on both sides have already exchanged millions of pages of documents, and met with the judge to describe the safety background of the prosthetic devices. Plaintiff’s attorneys, including those at Jones Ward PLC, argue that the Biomet metal-on-metal hip implant is failing at an unreasonably high rate inside the bodies of patients.
In some cases, this leads to metallosis, as tiny particles of cobalt and chromium are shed into the patient’s bloodstream. Metallosis also has been at issue in similar lawsuits against other metal hip makers, including DePuy, Stryker, Zimmer, Wright, and Smith & Nephew. Although jury trials have already been held with the DePuy cases, a jury trial with Biomet is still a long way away due to the voluminous amount of evidence that must be reviewed before going to court.
The attorneys at Jones Ward PLC are playing a leading role in the fight over Biomet’s defective and failed hip implants, including the Magnum, the Taper, and the M2a devices.
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