Metal-on-metal hip implants draw safety concerns

Concerns are mounting about the safety of metal-on-metal hip implants, with the latest warnings coming in a Los Angeles Times article this morning. The newspaper reported that Consumer Reports expressed concerns about metal hips and other devices being approved by the federal government for use in patients’ bodies with little or no safety testing. A recent survey showed that 17 percent of Americans now have some type of implanted medical device, the article states.
Metal-on-metal hips can cause harm when their parts rub against each other inside the body, sending tiny particles of cobalt and chromium into the patient’s bloodstream. One of the most notorious models is the DePuy ASR, which was recalled in August 2010 due to an unreasonably high failure rate. Other metal-on-metal hips that have come under fire recently include the Zimmer Durom and the Biomet Magnum.
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